Below is information on what you can expect on the day of your event, as well as some frequently asked questions.


When may I access the facility?

The facility will be opened at the start of your permitted time. If your permit starts at 1pm, the facility will be unlocked starting at 1pm.

When do I have to leave the facility?

You must be out of the facility by the end of your permitted time. If your permit ends at 11pm, you must be cleaned up and out of the facility by 11pm.

What comes with the facility rental?

We supply tables, chairs, toiletries, trash cans/bags, kitchen area, restrooms.

What is the kitchen area equipped with?

This kitchen is equipped with a full sized fridge with freezer, microwave, sink, and plenty of counter space.

Will the facility be setup upon our arrival?

Yes, included in the information packet is a blank diagram of the facility. We ask that you sketch in how you would like the tables & chairs setup and return this to us.  One we receive the completed form and diagram, we will have the facility set up according to that diagram, prior to your arrival. If a diagram is failed to be sent, we will set the facility up according to the number of people listed on your permit and the type of event.

What am I responsible for cleaning up?

You are responsible for removing your personal belongings and anything you want to keep that you brought. Our staff will be responsible for taking out the trash, breaking down tables and chairs, and all general cleaning of the facility.

Can tables and chairs go outside?

No. All of the tables and chairs that come with the facility rental must remain indoors. However, you may rent tables and chairs through a 3rd party vendor to setup outdoors.

Will there be a staff member on site for our event?

Yes, our facility attendants will be on site for the entirety of the event. They are responsible for setting up the facility, opening the doors, maintaining toiletries and trash levels during the event, cleanup and tear down, and helping the group any way they can.

Can we have alcohol?

Yes, you may have alcohol as long as an Alcohol Service Agreement is purchased and completed through our office. You then must hire a bartender from our list of Approved Beverage Contractors to serve the alcohol. Alcohol may not be present or served without the presence of an Approved Beverage Contractor.

Can alcohol leave the building?

Please see (G) under general conditions listed in the Alcohol Service Agreement.

Where can I find the list of Approved Beverage Contractors?

Here.  You can also find this list under the Policies section of the website, or request this list at any time through our office. This list changes regularly, so we recommend you obtain a list when you are ready to search for a vendor so you can be sure you have the most up to date list.

How late can alcohol be served?

“Last call” is made one (1) hour prior to your ending time and all alcohol must cease to be served thirty (30) minutes prior to your ending time, though we recommend it cease earlier to allow for time to cleanup.

Do we have to use an approved caterer?

No, your food can be catered by anyone of your choosing. Only the alcohol vendor must be chosen from our list.

What are the rules and regulations of the facility?

Please see our rental rules page within the facility information packet.

Do we have to share the facility with any other groups?

No, the building will be closed to the general public for your private event.

What if I need more time or am running late at the end of the event?

Due to the possibility of reservations taking place after yours, we cannot allow for more time at the end of your event. If you think you will need more time for event, please plan ahead of time and contact our office to see if we will be able to accommodate.

Can I have candles?

Yes, as long as the candles are self-contained and are not easily tipped, they will be allowed.

Does the building have WiFi?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer WiFi at this time

Do you provide any sound or AV equipment?

Unfortunately, we do not. You may bring in any equipment you may need for your event.

Can we set up tents outside of the facility?

You may setup 10×10 popup tents, but they cannot be staked into the ground. They must be secured with water barrels, sand bags, or cinder blocks. With prior approval, you may setup a larger tent. However, any tent that is larger than 400 square feet must obtain further permitting through the office of Building and Zoning Services.



COVID-19 Related FAQ


What additional cleaning efforts will be made?

By adjusting the booking structure, we have been able to add additional time between rentals, which ensures our team plenty of time in between groups to be able to properly clean and disinfect all surfaces, door handles, and items in the building

Will you have sanitizer/disinfectants on site?

Yes, each facility will be equipped with sanitation stations for each facility.

Is there a limit on capacity?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all tables must be spaced 6ft apart. This reduces capacities to approximately half.*

Are there limits on food service?

By order of the Governor, self-served buffets are prohibited as of today. While buffets and potlucks are still permitted, a member of the group will be required to serve each food type.*

Are there limits on bar service?

No, bar service may continue with the following of the previous Alcohol Guidelines, which can be found here.

Will staff still remain on site?

In an effort to minimize contact, and maintain social distancing guidelines, staff will be on site to let groups into the facility, and to set up tables. After this initial interaction, staff will be available by phone throughout the rental period, and will return to site at the conclusion of the rental period. Staff may be on site sporadically throughout the rental period.

Are masks required?

In accordance with the state guidelines issued for Franklin County, face masks will be required in all park facilities, with a waiver being required at the start of the rental.*

Is dancing allowed?

Dancing and congregating have been deemed permissible by the Governor’s order. Social distancing is still required.

*This is by order of the Governor, and is subject to change at any moment. Columbus Recreation and Parks will continue to monitor the situation, and will make adjustments as necessary