Whetstone Park Wedding Site

3923 N. High St. 

Columbus, OH 43214 

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There are three wedding sites located within the Whetstone Park of Roses, with only one wedding booked at a time, ensuring your choice of wedding sites.

  • Site A) Wedding Mall just east of large fountain. (50 Chairs Provided)
  • Site B) Wedding Mall with a wooden trellis. (50 Chairs Provided)
  • Site C) Brick Wedding Gazebo. (20 Chairs Provided & Bleacher Availability)

Whetstone Park of Roses wedding sites may be rented as an add on to the Whetstone Park Shelterhouse.  This $500 fee includes electricity and seating.*  Click HERE for additional information on the shelterhouse.

*Rates subject to change. Please call (614) 645-3337 to confirm pricing.



Electricity   |  Seating for 50


Diagram of Whetstone Park Wedding Site


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